20 Best Adp Director Jobs

20 Best Adp Director Jobs

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An ideal candidate will demonstrate a strong focus on continuous improvement with an employee experience and culture building mind-set. This leadership role will oversee a team of Directors, Managers and individuals based out of our hubs in Augusta, Prague and Hyderabad, along with several smaller locations. ADP powers the working world with comprehensive solutions that drive business success.

to expand LATAM payroll capabilities to Chile, Argentina, and Peru. In the last few years major acquisitions included Workscape , The RightThing and SHPS .

adp shared services

“PeercastsTM” are private, professionally facilitated webcasts that feature leading member company experiences on specific topics as a catalyst for broader discussion. Access is available exclusively to Peeriosity member company employees, with consultants or vendors prohibited from attending or accessing discussion content. Members can see who is registered to attend in advance, with discussion recordings, supporting polls, and presentation materials online and available whenever convenient for the member. Using Peeriosity’s integrated email system, Peer MailTM, attendees can easily communicate at any time with other attending peers by selecting them from the list of registered attendees. Twenty-six Federal payroll providers have been consolidated to four. While three of the four current e-Payroll providers have also been approved as HR LOB SSCs, one e-Payroll provider has chosen to continue providing e-Payroll services only.

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In 1949, Henry Taub founded Automatic Payrolls, Inc. as a manual payroll processing business with his brother Joe Taub. In 1957, Lautenberg, after successfully serving in sales and marketing, became a full-fledged partner with the two brothers. In 1961, the company changed its name to Automatic Data Processing, Inc. , and began using punched card machines, check printing machines, and mainframe computers.

adp shared services

Many companies are facing major and costly upgrades in core HR technology systems, which create the opportunity to consider consolidation into shared services including HRO. Cost is a key driver, of course, but so is a desire to improve the employee experience with mobile and social capabilities as well as improve HR with access to more HR analytics. Home to over 130,000 employees working in the business and shared services sector, Hampton Roads is an ideal expansion location for businesses seeking to capitalize on an available pool of talent. From 1985 onward, ADP’s annual revenues exceeded the $1 billion mark, with paychecks processed for about 20% of the U.S. workforce. In the 1990s, ADP began acting as a professional employer organization . Around this time, the company acquired Autonom, a German company, and the payroll and human resource services company, GSI, headquartered in Paris. In September 1998, ADP acquired UK-based Chessington Computer Centre that supplied administration services to the UK Government.

Work in partnership with the technology teams to ensure associate and manager self-service systems effectively interface with other key business systems and internal shared services processes. In this role, you will be required to ensure the operations are fully optimized and aligned to support the 53,000+ global, geographically dispersed associate population including managers and the HR community. This position is also responsible for managing and leading all aspects of the HR Operations including the resource/capacity planning, associate development, service implementation, and maintenance for the function. In addition, you will be responsible for standardizing, where applicable, HR and Benefits processes and practices to ensure they are globally integrated and aligned with best practices. This role interfaces with the IT organization, to identify opportunities where technology solutions can yield improved efficiencies/cost savings. Williams will have a staff of approximately 15 who will work in the new Shared Services Center, located in Sandersville, Ga.

Currently each of the University System’s 35 colleges and universities has separate databases and business processes for human resources and payroll. Career areas include Sales, Client Service, Implementation, IT, HR and Corporate. ADP fosters a down-to-earth culture that values diverse perspectives, providing a place where careers can flourish in an agile, creative and collaborative workplace. As the company is serving clients in 100+ countries, careers at ADP come with flexibility, global mobility and opportunity. The company is proud to have been named to the “Working Mother 100 Best Companies” list numerous times.

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At the heart of the shared services model is collaboration between the service provider and the client. Our duty is to be knowledgeable, but shared services can only succeed when you have equally skilled, knowledgeable partners. Many of the issues between clients and shared services providers arise from a lack of communication and trust between them. Only a continuous exchange of knowledge and communication between teams can build a relationship of trust and cooperation. SaaS systems for HR administration and payroll have opened up the small business market to the benefits of web-based HR systems with self-service and easier implementations. The rapid uptake by clients is testimony that a ‘sweet spot’ has been reached in cost, ease and value. An early acquisition was GSI, a large payroll and HR services company in Europe.

Established in 1949, ADP is headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey. They provide human resources management software and services including payroll, benefits, outsourcing, and more. It is critical to maintain a high level of employee engagement to avoid disruptions. If employee turnover is too high, maintaining quality support is very challenging. It’s crucial to focus on HR management and performance management, offer robust training and provide employees with opportunities for professional development. It’s not too simple a statement to say that satisfied shared services staff result in satisfied clients.

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ADP went public in 1961 with 300 clients, 125 employees, and revenues of approximately $400,000 USD. The company established a subsidiary in the United Kingdom in 1965. In 1970, Lautenberg was noted as being the president of the company. Also in 1970, the company’s stock transitioned from trading on American Stock Exchange to trading on the New York Stock Exchange. It acquired the pioneering online computer services company Time Sharing Limited in 1974 and Cyphernetics in 1975. Lautenberg continued in his roles as Chairman and CEO until elected to the United States Senate from New Jersey in 1982.

adp shared services

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is an American provider of human resources management software and services. The successful candidate will provide leadership, supervision and guidance to all shared services operations team members, serving as a problem solver, mediator and coach. Interviews, hires and trains associates; plans, assigns and directs work; assesses performance and takes the vital action to achieve peak performance.

The HR IT system is an Oracle-based, customized system for which CPMS is responsible for functional and technical oversight. Get the ADP Workforce Now platform plus specialists who partner with your HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Talent team to provide deep administrative relief, best practices, process efficiencies & support. This service can be an asset to your company, whether or not you have an HR person or department. Lead process improvement initiatives including mapping current state processes and re-engineering for ideal future state delivery. Focus on continuous improvement for adding new services or improving existing ones.

Accenture also offers bi-directional interface capability with existing Government e-Payroll providers, such as NFC, for those agencies who decide not to select Accenture/ADP for payroll services. PAR provides complete payroll functionality for an employee’s entire service life, from initial hire through final payments at separation and submission of retirement records to the Office of Personnel Management. CHRIS is a fully automated, web-based, real-time HR system used by HR professionals in GSA and its client agencies to document an employee’s lifecycle. CHRIS and PAR provide services to internal GSA customers and over 40 independent agencies, Presidential boards and commissions, and all former Presidents and their current staff. GSA also offers its customers a hiring and recruitment system and a learning management system .

The Defense Finance and Accounting Service will continue to exist as a stand alone payroll provider and will offer payroll operations through partnerships with shared service centers. Treasury, in partnership with the National Finance Center, provides payroll and time and attendance services. In addition to interfacing with NFC, the Treasury will also provide interfaces to other payroll providers as well as other ala carte systems/services.

The individual in this role will be responsible for implementing best in class processes and tools to manage call center and data operations teams globally. Demonstrated relationship building skills with HR partners to improve delivery and address issues. Ability to understand technical data flows across multiple systems. Lean/Process focus to simplify work is required to allow for additional scope growth in the function. Beginning in July, most of the University System of Georgia’s 40,000 employee paychecks will be issued through ADP, a national provider of transaction processing and information-based business solutions.

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The regents contracted in June 2008 with ADP to consolidate human resources and payroll into a single system that will facilitate paperless processing of time sheets and benefits enrollment for employees, said Ramachandran. The first checks will be issued through the new system on July 17, 2009.

This key role will oversee a team of leaders and individual contributors. In this position, the chosen candidate will lead a multi-tiered approach for delivering HR Shared Services consistently across ADP, supporting 35+ countries. This function is integral to our ability to deliver efficient services for our associates while ensuring high quality and user satisfaction.

Support the operationalization of new services and facilitate effective transition of knowledge from global projects to regional operations. May include annual programs, new systems/tools or program initiatives as examples. Ensures services are well documented with robust operating procedures. Lead the HR Shared Service operations delivery and manage service center resources for the Associate Call Center, Data Administration, Benefits Administration and other HR support functions. Ideally, clients of shared services centers should expect access to all of this expertise and support. A Center of Excellence, along with a strong client relations organization, which is integrated or closely collaborating with a SSC, can help ensure that your SSC is moving the right direction across all seven pillars.

  • Demonstrated relationship building skills with HR partners to improve delivery and address issues.
  • Beginning in July, most of the University System of Georgia’s 40,000 employee paychecks will be issued through ADP, a national provider of transaction processing and information-based business solutions.
  • Ability to understand technical data flows across multiple systems.
  • The individual in this role will be responsible for implementing best in class processes and tools to manage call center and data operations teams globally.
  • Currently each of the University System’s 35 colleges and universities has separate databases and business processes for human resources and payroll.
  • Lean/Process focus to simplify work is required to allow for additional scope growth in the function.

The HR Connect is Treasury’s enterprise web-based PeopleSoft HR application. The solution offers a wide range of HR IT functionality including base benefits, Employee/Manager Self Service, proxy authority, change management, training, and business intelligence/workforce analytics capabilities. The HR Connect currently services employees of the Department of the Treasury, Department of Housing and Urban Development and employees within components of the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice. Develop vendor management processes and controls for internal/external vendors supporting client delivery (leaves services, childcare providers, etc.). Any business solution is only as good as the people who deliver it, and shared services centers are no different. An educated, highly skilled workforce is essential to successfully drive the other fundamental elements that comprise a top-notch SSC.

The FPPS is NBC’s enterprise integrated HR/payroll information management and transaction processing system supporting employees in 40 agencies. The Quicktime system which is web based was also developed and is maintained in house. The Department of the Interior, through the National Business Center , offers the Federal Personnel Payroll System . The FPPS provides a full range of HR, payroll and time and attendance services. The NBC also offers time and attendance support through the web based Quicktime system. DCPDS is DoD’s enterprise civilian HR information management and transaction processing system supporting DoD and non-DoD civilian employees. DoD also maintains support for the Executive Office of the President and the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Moorepay will be adding more offerings to the system, including a newly-released ‘lite’ version. Next for the company is the rolling-out of an advanced version that adds functionality for recruiting, performance management and learning. Targeted at businesses with up to 500 employees, MoorepayHR will be expanded to up to 1,000 employees in the near future. Payroll is a process with high visibility where the highest quality and accuracy are required for each and every employee payment.

Payroll also has significant complexity with an ever-changing landscape of local laws and regulations that make standardization and consistency difficult. That concern appears to be less of an issue today for large global companies, with examples of companies who have successfully implemented global payroll outsourcing with ADP. Accenture offers Federal agencies Personnel Action Processing, Benefits Management, Compensation Management, and all non-core HR functions. Accenture offers Oracle/PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System together with ADP as the core solution to provide the full range of HR, time and attendance, and payroll services.

What are the benefits of shared services?

Why Shared Services for IT: 5 Benefits for Greater EfficienciesLocation Strategy. By moving from multiple locations to a single location, an organization can reduce labor costs.
“Right Sourcing – Right Job for the Right Skill”
Cost Benefits.
IT / System Improvements.
Process Simplification.

As a critical partner that millions of workers rely on, ADP understands the importance of our HCM operations to our clients businesses and their employees’ livelihoods. We are taking unprecedented measures to ensure our associates are safe, while our clients, prospects and partners and their employees have the essential services and support they need to get through this global health event. Maribeth Sivak, a principal consultant with ISG, also sees an uptick in interest in SSOs and HRO, but as a follow on to HR technology decisions.

Experts in shared services technologies, customer relations, employee engagement and quality assurance form the foundation for a center of excellence within a shared service center. We provide payroll, global HCM and outsourcing services in more than 140 countries. Whether you operate in multiple countries or just one, we can provide local expertise to support your global workforce strategy.