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If you’re looking for an online bookkeeping service that can help you with the entirety of your business financial operations, Bookkeeper360 can do just that. In addition to its core bookkeeping and accounting services, Bookkeeper360 offers six other solution types, from taxes to human resources. Plus, with Bookkeeper360’s custom plans, you can pick and choose which services you want and receive a solution that will truly accommodate your specific business. The two additional Bookkeeper360 plans, “Monthly” and “Weekly” will offer more hands-on support. Bookkeeper360 is an online bookkeeping service provider designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Bookkeeper360 was founded in 2012 and is based in Woodbury, New York.
  • When it comes to its payroll services, on the other hand, Bookkeeper360 bases pricing on the number of employees you have.
  • Eliminate headaches and surprises by hiring our helpful team of professional accountants and bookkeepers who get back to you quickly and treat you with the respect you deserve.
  • Bookkeeper360 is an online bookkeeping service provider designed to help small and medium-sized businesses with their bookkeeping and accounting.

With Bench, you not only receive online bookkeeping services but access to its proprietary bookkeeping software as well. Bookkeeper360 can work with a variety of payroll solutions, including top providers like Gusto and ADP. It also gives you the option to integrate Xero with these different solutions to sync your payroll data. Collective offers financial solutions for self-employed business owners.

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Other custom integrations are priced per project, and you have to work with the Bookkeeper360 team directly to determine this cost. Bookkeeper360 offers tax services that include individual or business preparation and filings, sales and local 1099s reporting, as well as overall tax planning and compliance. Bookkeeper360 offers a range of support options for businesses in conjunction with its core bookkeeping services. The specific bookkeeping features you receive with Bookkeeper360’s service will depend on the plan you develop.

You have the option to create a custom solution; however, you can also choose one of the three pre-designed packages Bookkeeper360 offers. From bookkeeping to payroll, to tax and CFO bookkeeper360 review advisory, we provide a complete set of financial solutions for your business. Digits develops application programming interfaces (API) for businesses and finance professionals.


It allows businesses to manage the company’s financial and accounting data. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Cherbourg-Octeville, France. Kruze Consulting provides accounting, finance, HR, and tax consulting to seed and venture capital-funded startups. Kruze Consulting’s tax advisory work is reducing clients’​ burn, and Kruze’s team recommends and sets up financial and HR systems that help make data-driven startup founders more productive. The company was founded in 2012 and is based in San Francisco, California. The second plan, “Small Business Plus,” accommodates 126 to 150 transactions and class and location tracking, in addition to the features of the Small Business Plan.

Unlike Bookkeeper360, however, only works with businesses that use QuickBooks. With, you can choose from two pricing plans, based on the number of transactions you make per month. Like Bookkeeper360, is a U.S.-based online bookkeeping service provider that works with small businesses. With the Weekly plan, you’ll receive a dedicated accountant who will perform your bookkeeping on a weekly basis. This plan will also include cash and accrual basis accounting and reporting, as well as invoice and expense management, technology consulting, monthly financial reviews and weekly catchup calls.

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It uses classification algorithms, and machine learning techniques to provide a real-time view of a business’s finances. The company was founded in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California. Although it can be beneficial to have a service and cost that’s designed specifically for your business, it can be preferable for business service providers to have clear and established pricing. If you can look at a provider’s website and know exactly what to expect in terms of both pricing and service, it’s much easier to compare providers against one another. Plus, with transparent pricing laid out for customers to see, a service provider can’t try and charge you more than it does someone else.

Bench is also a great option if you don’t already use accounting software — as it has its own software platform. Unlike Bookkeeper360 and, Bench offers the same service regardless of your plan, the price only changes based on the amount of your monthly expenses. Although Bookkeeper360 does list starting costs for all of its services online, its pricing is largely quote-based — which is something you’ll want to keep in mind as you look at different online bookkeeping services. One of these services is its CFO Advisory services, in which you work with the Bookkeeper360 team to analyze your financials and determine a strategy to manage and grow your business. Like with its virtual bookkeeping services, the CFO Advisory support Bookkeeper360 offers is available in three different plans, as well as on a custom-package basis. If you’re looking for a Bookkeeper360 alternative that is focused on bookkeeping, you might consider Bench.