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ADP TotalSource provides personalized PEO services throughout all 50 states, and even offers international client service through their partnership with Globalization Partners. In addition to its fantastic customer service, ADP’s benefits offering is ideal for any small business seeking outsourced HR services. Thanks to its impressive offering, ADP is a double winner, it’s our best pick for customer service in our PEO category and best for benefits in our human resources outsourcing category. ADP is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, earning an A+ with the rating agency. It is also certified by the IRS and accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation. ADP offers HRO services, too, which often make sense for small businesses looking for limited HR support. ADP offers expert business knowledge by partnering with accountants, brokers, financial advisors, private equity, franchises, member organizations, software providers and ERPs.

adp outsourcing

My Payroll and HR team are still very familiar with payroll regulations and tax law, but that is only a piece of what they do. They spend more of their time ensuring we have data captured in the most efficient way and available to make business decisions. Skye Schooley is an Arizona native, based in New York City. She received a business communication degree from Arizona State University and spent a few years traveling internationally, before finally settling down in the greater New York City area. ADP has an intuitive online platform and simple dashboards where you can view your benefits, make adjustments, and handle all your related services.

Small businesses that choose this pricing model must have a minimum of 25 employees. Similar to the PEO pricing, ADP HRO contracts are very flexible and can range from month-to-month to multiyear terms, depending upon client size and offerings selected. Although ADP works with businesses of all sizes, small businesses need to have a minimum of five employees to be eligible for ADP TotalSource. ADP doesn’t require long-term contracts, and it doesn’t charge cancellation fees, but it asks that you provide 30 days’ written notice to end services with the company. These minimums and cancellation requirements are standard requirements among the PEOs we reviewed. This first is daily administration, which includes processing payroll and taxes, filing reports, maintaining compliance, managing data and updating policies.


You’re essentially getting Fortune 500 level benefits and services when you bring Engage PEO onboard. This provider also uses robust cloud-based technology to make sure you and your staff all have a great experience accessing HR tools.

Insperity also has full-service HR solutions for businesses of all sizes. They work with organizations that have employees and larger companies with employees as well. The HR consultants at Engage PEO are all attorneys with experience in labor and employment law. They have a wide range of HR outsourcing services, including payroll and tax administration, compliance, and recruiting. So it’s no surprise to see them rank so high on our list of HR outsourcing services. For those of you looking to improve your employee benefits with a simplified HR solution, ADP should be one of your first considerations. HR outsourcing is also growing in popularity for larger organizations and mid size businesses.

We use ADP not only for payroll processing and tax filing, but also for timekeeping, benefit management and our 401k plan administration. ADP is a very large and reliable company, allowing you to get the level of coverage and support you need. ADP can provide human resource services in all 50 states. It also has a mobile app that users can access to manage their HR services on the go. Many smaller PEOs lack full coverage and accessibility, which can be challenging for businesses that operate in many states throughout the U.S. ADP’s human resources outsourcing option is better suited for small businesses that only need assistance with a few different HR functions.

Inspiring Innovation is a core value at ADP and at Cobalt, we are committed to delivering it – for our clients and colleagues around the world. Whether it’s the latest in digital marketing or designing a mobile app, the best in operating platforms or the most secure systems – technology plays a critical role in ADP’s growth. It’s the foundation of the products and services that have made us a world-wide leader in workforce solutions. With us, you combine your technical skills with business acumen, to effectively consult as well as solve technical challenges. You have the opportunity to train on leading-edge technologies that continually redefine what’s possible in our industry. ADP is ranked in the Top 50 on IDG’s Computerworld list of the 100 Best Places to Work in Information Technology .

But again, not all of you necessarily need to switch from your existing payroll and benefits solution. Insperity has been providing HR services to different businesses for 30+ years.

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The vendor also produces software products for functions such as talent management, time and attendance and procure to pay . Oasis is a PEO provider that typically works with small to midsize businesses. They offer HR outsourcing services like payroll administration, employee benefits, and risk management. Oasis is has industry-specific HR solutions for small and mid size businesses. They have services for payroll, benefits administration, risk management, HR compliance, and more. “Dedication to partnering with our clients and our broad HR, payroll and benefits offerings coupled with our ability to deliver world class service has led to our position as a leader in the HR BPO marketplace.” Get all the benefits of an in-house HR team without having any additional employees to your payroll.

adp outsourcing

ADP also offers an employee resource through MyLife Advisors, where employees can contact an ADP representative to receive assistance on HR, payroll and benefits. ADP TotalSource offers a variety of HR, benefits and payroll services, as well as extensive customer support resources.

ADP’s HR BPO offering, called Comprehensive Outsourcing Services , is designed for large U.S. clients and delivers fully integrated administrative solutions across a wide range of critical human resource functions. With 74 clients, including Credit Suisse, EMC and IHG , ADP’s COS solution now supports more than 650,000 employees in the U.S. alone.

While HR outsourcing is definitely popular for smaller businesses, lots of mid size organizations are also leveraging these cost-effective HR solutions. Contact the CPEhr to learn more about their services and how they can help your business. Just fill out a quick form online with more information about your company to get started. For short and long-term human resources solutions alike, CPEhr is an excellent choice for small businesses in every industry. CPEhr is a California-based professional employer organization. They provide a wide range of services, including HR consultation and HR outsourcing for small businesses.

PEOsprovide comprehensive outsourcing services that manage human resources, employee benefits, regulatory compliance and payroll. This arrangement is considered co-employment, which means the PEO contractually shares certain employer responsibilities and risks with the client. In addition to its U.S.-based solution, ADP also offers GlobalView® and GlobalView Select™, HR BPO solutions for multinational organizations. These services enable global corporations to have 100% employee payroll coverage regardless of geography, a global HR system of record and consolidated global reporting.

If you’ve built a business, but human resources isn’t your forte, outsourcing HR services can help keep your back office running smoothly – from payroll to compliance. In fact, many owners of small and mid-sized business say that HR outsourcing gives them more peace of mind. Even small businesses can provide their employees with Fortune 500 level health insurance and benefits administration by going through G&A Partners. In addition to the medical plans, this HR service can also manage 401s, retirement plans, ancillary benefits, employee programs, and employee benefits. We have used ADP for at least a decade with much success. During that time we have grown from 150 to over 500 employees and found this software allowed us to be more scalable and accommodate that growth. There is quite a bit of set up required, but we have found with the proper implementation, the software more than accomplishes our needs, even as we have expanded.

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Because they can be repetitive and time consuming, some businesses elect to outsource these tasks. By choosing ADP Comprehensive Outsourcing Services, we will be your strategic large business outsourcing partner, providing you with a hands-on service approach through a designated team of specialists. Our team can help you make the case for how this solution can help you contain costs and streamline operations, while serving your employees with current technology user experience and support options. We provide payroll, global HCM and outsourcing services in more than 140 countries. Whether you operate in multiple countries or just one, we can provide local expertise to support your global workforce strategy. A professional employer organization is a human resources company that works with small businesses to help them handle administrative, payroll, and other functions.

What exactly does ADP do?

We are a comprehensive global provider of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions that unite HR, payroll, talent, time, tax and benefits administration, and a leader in business outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise.

We can also help you provide Fortune 500®-caliber benefits to your employees. Additionally, whether you are using our all-in-one software solution or integrating your ERP and other vendors, we can support complexity of integrations with our market-leading solutions. Our integration capabilities can efficiently deliver end-to-end management of data between ADP, your company and its vendors. Explore our full range of payroll and HR services, products, integrations and apps for businesses of all sizes and industries. The ADP COS solution allows U.S.-based clients to transition smoothly into a best practice, proven solution on scalable proprietary platforms. These flexible solutions enable ADP to successfully partner with organizations having as few as 1,000 employees to those like its client, Sodexo, with more than 100,000 employees. Payroll and benefits administration are two crucial components of human resources.

The best HR outsourcing services live and breathe human resources, so they know what it takes to have success in this space. One of the highlights of ADP’s HRO offering is its benefits packages. As one of the largest HR support providers in the nation, ADP has solid benefit options for small businesses. For example, ADP provides an employee assistance program service, a compliance and learning curriculum, and an employee discount plan. Clients also have the option to procure their own benefits or benefit plans, in addition to leveraging ADP’s insurance services.

  • Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is a provider of human capital management solutions to employers, offering solutions to businesses of various sizes.
  • The Company also provides business process outsourcing solutions.
  • The Employer Services segment offers a range of human resources business process outsourcing and technology-enabled HCM solutions.
  • Its segments include Employer Services and Professional Employer Organization Services.

They are considered a pioneer and industry leader in the HR outsourcing space. Insperity has full-service HR solutions for businesses with up to 5,000 employees. They also provide individual HR solutions for businesses with specific needs.

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Plus, bookkeepers and owners have other responsibilities to handle. So they really can’t dedicate enough time to HR, causing the department to suffer. I guess the question of outsourcing really depends on your philosophy on where to spend money. I have found that if we outsource standard tasks such as payroll processing and tax filing, I can utilize my team for the things that add value to my business. I don’t see a need to employ a payroll tax expert because a company like ADP will have that covered.

ADP earned our pick for best customer service PEO and best HRO benefits administrator. Find your area of need — from payroll to outsourcing and more — or explore specific ADP products to see how strategic human capital management can help your business work better. Confidently navigate your next major change with the help of ADP consulting and professional services. Save time and money, protect your business, move forward with confidence and offer employees access to Fortune 500®-caliber benefits. Manage payroll for a global workforce with a single, integrated solution.

The Employer Services segment offers a range of human resources business process outsourcing and technology-enabled HCM solutions. These offerings include payroll services, benefits administration, talent management, HR management, time and attendance management, insurance services, retirement services, and tax and compliance services. ADP TotalSource, ADP’s PEO business, offers small and mid-sized businesses a HR outsourcing solution through a co-employment model. As a PEO, ADP TotalSource provides HR management services while the client continues to direct the day-to-day job-related duties of the employees. Small businesses that partner with ADP get top-of-the-line human resource services, including payroll, compliance, risk management, employee benefits, training and development, and great customer support.

Automatic Data Processing, Inc. is a provider of human capital management solutions to employers, offering solutions to businesses of various sizes. The Company also provides business process outsourcing solutions. Its segments include Employer Services and Professional Employer Organization Services.

It’s much more cost-effective when you’re able to outsource HR staff compared to hiring more people in-house. Most small businesses can’t afford to have a dedicated HR staff on the payroll. So it’s common for HR responsibilities to fall on the bookkeeper or business owner. But neither of these people are really qualified to do this job.

Our payroll services, expertise and unified technology can help ensure payroll is delivered accurately and meets requirements across 140 countries. With a professional employer organization , you get all the benefits of outsourcing payroll — plus you can rely on us to stay on top of compliance and regulatory issues for you.