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One of the biggest challenges for bookkeepers lies in handling credit card receipts. All too often, these are delivered in bulk, leaving the bookkeeper to sort them out. Each receipt represents money that has already been spent, and the bookkeeper is tasked with bringing the books up to date, categorizing each expense and attributing it to the right department. Invoice automation platforms also integrate with popular accounting software like Intuit’s QuickBooks Online and more, so bookkeepers only need to enter invoice information in one place. Not all bookkeepers can prepare taxes, for example, which requires an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), and many tax filing professionals have only limited rights.

Virtual bookkeeping is especially helpful if your business mostly deals with digital transactions rather than cash. While a virtual bookkeeper can handle cash transactions, it’s faster and easier for them to categorize digital transactions (like credit card, debit, Shopify, and Paypal transactions). Many companies use online accounting and other finance software to manage their financial data. In fact, more than 120,000 small and midsize businesses use BILL, processing over USD 140 billion in payments annually. Bill pay software can automate the accounts payable (AP) process, streamlining the way companies receive, approve, and pay invoices.

Benefits of Virtual Bookkeepers

As technology advances, remote work’s future is seemingly bright. Today, you’ll find that most work can be done through online platforms and the Internet. Gone are the days when employees needed to show up to their offices every morning from nine to five for work.

  • They can even receive notifications, handle approvals, and communicate about bills or payments on a mobile device.
  • Actually, if you are doing these things, you are wasting a lot of precious time.
  • Slack is a one-stop shop for messaging, tools, and files to help you save time while collaborating with your team.
  • The Wave suite of apps manages tasks like invoicing, payroll, and accounting/bookkeeping for small business owners.
  • LastPass is a freemium password manager that stores encrypted passwords online.

The bookkeeper would sort through them and enter that information into spreadsheets or bookkeeping software. Businesses can run efficiently without neglecting their financial responsibilities thanks to remote bookkeeping. A remote bookkeeper might be your answer if you’re looking to elevate your financial department. Below, we expand on why virtual bookkeepers are worth hiring and the top five benefits of hiring them. The difference between a bookkeeper and a remote bookkeeper is that the latter works remotely and can work from anywhere in the world.

How does this service work?

You could be a master at bookkeeping, or you could be less experienced. Having a remote bookkeeper will undoubtedly offer you a new perspective on things financially. By having a remote bookkeeper, the chances of finances being neglected will be decreased. When hiring a new employee, you must set up certain things in an office, such as a desk, computer, and other tools. However, when you hire a remote bookkeeper, the only thing you need to purchase is probably online software and cloud space for files.

Exchange knowledge with an industry-leading community of bookkeepers and take advantage of available resources on demand. You can also message your bookkeeper directly if you have any questions or need to upload any documents. So here are just a few reasons why you should hire a Virtual Bookkeeper for your organization – and maybe leave you to wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. 1Password remote bookkeeping services syncs your data between devices so you always have your passwords at your fingertips with only one master password. Every other login and private document is securely stored in your password vault to keep your information safe and secure – easily. But if you ever have any questions about what your Virtual Bookkeeper can or can’t do, reach out to your Client Success Consultant.

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Also, while any CPA can be a bookkeeper, there are far more bookkeepers than there are CPAs. In fact, many bookkeepers are trained in bookkeeping right after high school. There’s a good chance that freelance bookkeepers have experience. Therefore, you don’t need to wait for them to start functioning or train them.

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If you are seeking an excellent virtual bookkeeping service, turn to us at We are always happy to answer all of your questions – no question is too big or too small. Of course, bookkeeping can be done remotely – We’re the best at it! Remote bookkeeping is an option for business owners that is growing rapidly in popularity.