Do You Know The Pulse Of Your Team?

Do You Know The Pulse Of Your Team?

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while different, the previous design featured the same central lettering as the present badge. Unveiled for the 1997 season, the current team crest was designed around a globe to reflect the club’s ambitions as a world class professional team.

Ed Ebbers joined Pulse Biosciences in August 2016 as Vice President and General Manager of the Dermatology franchise. Mr. Ebbers brings more than 35 years of senior leadership and general management experience with major dermatology, pharmaceutical and device brands including Zeltiq Aesthetics, Thermage, and Penederm Dermatologics. In these roles, he led worldwide product development, marketing and sales. At Pulse Biosciences, he manages the development of the dermatology franchise for the Company’s Nano-Pulse Stimulation technology.

pulse team

The head of the badge takes the iconic shape of Mount Fuji’s perfect cone to symbolise the team’s representation of Shizuoka; the home of Mount Fuji. The choice of blue to accompany the team’s orange evokes Shimizu’s history as an industrial port town and its proximity to the sea of Suruga Bay. The team crest differs from the team logo which is often used to represent the club. The logo uses the central lettering from the crest, an example of which being the club’s shop sign. With Shizuoka long recognised as the homeland of football in Japan, the two teams have a history of fighting over the best players produced by the region’s high schools and universities.

It is a safe place to look forward to at the end of each week. When your hearts and minds beat collaboratively, team pulse is a measure of workplace health and well-being.

World Cup Players

Sporting team number zero, Palchan goods are a consistent best seller with various merchandise available. The team perform routines prior to kick off and half time as well as making various appearances at S-Pulse themed events in and around Shizuoka. From the club’s formation up to 1996, the club used an earlier version of the team crest.

Good examples being Naohiro Takahara and Takahiro Yamanishi, who, after graduating from Shimizu Higashi High School, went on to sign for the Júbilo team which won three J.League championships between 1997 and 2002. The most common reason for moving games is the restrictively low capacity of Nihondaira. This has often led the club to stage fixtures against neighbouring Júbilo Iwata and other high-profile clashes, at Shizuoka “Ecopa” Stadium. This stadium was built in 2001 for the following year’s World Cup and has a capacity of 51,349. Despite still being in Shizuoka Prefecture, Ecopa is over an hour’s travel from Shimizu, deep within the Jubilo catchment area. For such a fiercely contested derby, much of the home advantage is lost; a factor which contributed in part to the staging of the 2007 derby at Nihondaira despite demand for tickets far outstripping supply.

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Mr. Tyson is a proven sales leader with over 20 years of medical device experience including a strong early foundation of more than 10 years with Ethicon-Endo Surgery and Edwards Heart Valve Therapy. David Danitz joined Pulse Biosciences in November 2015 as VP of Engineering. Mr. Danitz has over 20 years of medical device development experience and is the named inventor on over 50 US patents. Prior to Pulse Biosciences he held the position of Vice President, R&D – Custom Products at Earlens, where he led the development of a light-driven transducer that directly engaged the ear drum to generate sound. Mr. Danitz also served at Novare Surgical as Vice President of R&D where for 10 years his team brought medical devices to the market in the areas of cardiac, vascular, general, urologic and gynecologic surgery. Mr. Danitz has received several Medical Design Excellence Award’s. Mr. Danitz earned a BSME degree with high honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a SMME degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Shizuoka As A Football Prefecture

The club originally consisted of players drawn exclusively from Shizuoka Prefecture; a unique distinction at the time. Hannah previously interned for the Ag News Daily podcast, hosting and sharing agriculture news along with building and designing marketing materials for the start-up company.

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The environment in which team members reside can impact their mindset and performance. Recently, I checked in with a friend whose country was undergoing a coup. He remains thankful for the emotional and professional commitment to his well-being. Show people you value them professionally, personally and emotionally. Also based in Shizuoka are Honda FC and Fujieda MYFC, although neither currently play at the same level as S-Pulse, limiting any potential rivalry development to one-off cup pairings. Despite always performing well, Honda FC have resisted professionalisation and so are unable to join the J.League. The forerunners to Avispa Fukuoka and Sagan Tosu were originally also based in Shizuoka Prefecture, but had to move to Kyushu because of the dominance and fan saturation of S-Pulse and Iwata.

Girls Pulse Team Shorts

2007 saw all home games staged at Nihondaira for the first time since 1999. This was repeated in 2008, although between 2009 and 2015 Ecopa was used for at least one home league game. S-Pulse have chosen not to use Ecopa since 2015, playing all home league games at Nihondaira. In common with other J.League teams, S-Pulse have a colourful and noisy collection of supporters who follow the team around the country. A supporter band is present at games home and away to help galvanise support and raise the decibel levels. The band models itself to a large degree after its Brazilian counterparts, and Latin rhythms and samba sounds predominate.

  • With the advent of the professional league at the start of the 1990s, the concept of creating a team to both sign and represent the local footballing talent was fomented.
  • The prefectural police force of Shizuoka actually has an anthropomorphic football as a mascot.
  • The environment in which team members reside can impact their mindset and performance.
  • Headquarters are established in Shizuoka Prefecture called the football kingdom in Japan.

She also worked for the Agriculture Entrepreneurship Initiative program at Iowa State, and for the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation . At Iowa State, Hannah was an active National Agri-Marketing Association student member and competed three years at the national level for the marketing competition. She was a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority, attended the AFA Leadership Conference, and went on a domestic travel course to California focusing on the science around CRISPR technology and consumer perceptions. She was also an active FFA member, competing in various leadership events and receiving her American FFA Degree.


A Northeast Iowa native, Hannah Pagel joined the Agri-Pulse team in January of 2019. Hannah graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Agriculture and Life Sciences education with a biology endorsement, and is CASE Curriculum certified. She is passionate about telling the story of agriculture and wants to help bridge the gap between consumers and farmers by providing non-biased information and sharing her personal experiences. The newsletter and website she founded, Agri-Pulse, include the latest updates on farm policy, commodity and conservation programs, trade, food safety, rural development, and environmental and regulatory programs. Your team pulse checkup keeps members centered and grounded in each other.

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Located in Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka, Shizuoka Prefecture, S-Pulse currently competes in the J1 League . The club was formed in 1991 as a founding member of the J.League (“Original Ten”), which began the following year.

Alongside off-field factors, S-Pulse and Júbilo are locked in a perpetual struggle for supremacy on the field. During the J.League’s infancy, it was S-Pulse who experienced the greater success and support, but they found themselves in Iwata’s shadow for long periods either side of the turn of the century. Recently, S-Pulse have once again emerged as the area’s premier club, finishing above Júbilo in the league every season since 2006, and often enjoying further cup runs.

The closest S-Pulse came was in 1999 when, after winning the league’s second stage, they lost out on the title in a penalty shootout. When scores remained level after both legs of the title deciding match, Júbilo Iwata, S-Pulse’s local rivals, prevailed. Former S-Pulse and national team player Kenta Hasegawa, who made a substitute appearance in the second leg of this title decider, became club manager in 2005. He was the longest serving manager in the club’s history, in office until 2010. He resigned at the end of the season after failing to win any competitions and was replaced by Afshin Ghotbi.

Headquarters are established in Shizuoka Prefecture called the football kingdom in Japan. The prefectural police force of Shizuoka actually has an anthropomorphic football as a mascot. With the advent of the professional league at the start of the 1990s, the concept of creating a team to both sign and represent the local footballing talent was fomented.

Mr. Ebbers holds a BBA from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, and a MBA from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management. Darrin R. Uecker has been our Chief Executive Officer and President and a Director since September 2015.

Shimizu S-Pulse was formed in early 1991 as Shimizu FC from the backing of local businesses and people. This was a beginning which made them unique among the founding clubs of the J.League, with all others ex-company teams turned professional. Two months after formation, the club name was officially changed to Shimizu S-Pulse. S-Pulse is a combination of the S from Shizuoka, Shimizu, Supporter and Soccer, and Pulse from English to mean the spirit of all those who support the team. Despite the club’s cup competition prowess, the J.League Division 1 title has so far eluded them.

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2008 was also the first year since 1995 that S-Pulse succeeded in drawing more supporters through the gates than their rivals. As well as originally gathering its playing staff almost exclusively from Shizuoka prefecture, local corporation S-Lap Communications ran and financed the club. This was a company funded in part from Shimuzu citizens, but in main by Shizuoka Television. After the J.League bubble burst in the late 1990s, Shizuoka Television withdrew backing, and in 1998 only a drastic restructuring kept the club afloat. Ownership of S-Pulse was reorganized between local companies under the leadership of Shimizu-based Suzuyo Corporation.

Mr. Uecker has over 25 years of experience in the medical device field and is a named inventor on over 70 patents. Mr. Uecker attended the University of California at Santa Barbara where he received a B.S.

Named Palchan and sporting big, winglike ears, S-Pulse’s mascot supports the team and entertains fans by performing choreographed, and often acrobatic, dance routines during the buildup to home games. He often performs with the help of his two younger siblings. Designed by professional cartoonist Guy Gilchrist, Palchan’s name is taken from the English pal and the pul of S-Pulse. The suffix chan is an affectionate title commonly used in Japan.

Team pulse is the key to sustaining effective collaboration. Patty Perla joined Pulse Biosciences in March 2020 as Vice President of Human Resources. Ms. Perla brings over 15 years of experience in human resources building diverse, high performing organizations in the life science industry. Her expertise extends across the spectrum of human resources, including talent development, culture initiatives and innovative total rewards strategies. Prior to joining Pulse, Ms. Perla has held various leadership roles with small and mid-size companies including Ceterix Orthopaedics , Revance Therapeutics, Ventus Medical and FoxHollow Technologies . degree in Management from Golden Gate University in San Francisco. Robert Tyson joined Pulse Biosciences in December 2018 to build and deploy a U.S. sales team.